Entry of new iPad (2018)

The cheapest iPad always brings brilliant improvements

The new iPad in 2018 is designed to realize that it offers the best Apple tablet solution at affordable price.

Please note that the cost is more affordable than buying cheaply – although the cost is more affordable than many other tablets – but the new upgrade brings a lot to the iPad, with the “standard” and the range of the great iPad Pro,

Apple iPad at Amazon Marketplace (2018) $ 339.99
Apple Pencil Support extends the tablet in a different dimension. It enables new interaction methods and makes new applications interact. The improved chipset is the same as the chipset driving the iPhone 7 and provides more power than many people know how to do it.

New iPad 2018 Review

Result is? You can now get a very powerful tablet with a more powerful and more options at a relatively lower price.

As Apple talked a lot about the features of the new tablet, you might think that this is “an iPad for students”, but most people who actually buy it actually want to use it for a while As you see, this point is pretty good.

This may seem impressive, but it is not yet so, as all of these features are combined with the best iOS tablet platform. iPad has the best reason on the market.

New price of iPad (2018) and release date
The new iPad released in March 2018 offers a variety of storage and connection options.

The new price for the iPad 2018 starts with $ 329 (£ 319, AU $ 469), but the school receives a discount of about 10% in the UK and the US.

The new price of the iPad is 329 dollars (US $ 469) at the same height as the starting price of the new iPad (2017) and 32 GB memory is installed in the US and Australia. British currency fluctuations, Base 32GB version is actually 20 pounds cheaper than last year’s iPad.

This is only for the Wi-Fi model, which is $ 459 (449 pounds, AU $ 669) for a 32 GB slate with cell phone connection.

The 128 GB version starts with $ 429 / $ 409 / $ 599 for those who require more space, and a bonus is added if you want to move the data bytes.

• Apple pencil
• Useful supplements of artists
• Additional costs to purchase
• New iPad 2018 Review

Apple pencil … I do not know if it is really a revolutionary tool. We used it for several years, though I thought it was wonderful in some respects but I thought that it was useless for others.

And remember that it costs £ 99 / $ 99 / AU $ 145. This means that in addition to the cost of the tablet itself, about 33% of the price of the new iPad has to be paid to get a new key function

It is cheap for those who are training, and Logitech Pencil has half the price (and fewer features) in the US, but please avoid purchasing a new iPad.

If you are looking for a notebook substitute, we do not recommend a new iPad or iPad. Because the tip of the pen slips, it is difficult to write it as prominently on the surface.

Apple can make the glass dull and lighter, but it is not an easy matter to solve, as it makes the display less visible.

The Notepad application works well, you can write and draw, Apple’s iWork Suite is collaborative and you can tag documents with it (Apple will enable this feature It took too long, please add it to his iPad application first.
New iPad 2018 Review
As I said, it would be easy to write. Not only is the comment not only written down, it not only requires intensive calligraphy efforts, sharing tagged documents was not useful as most Google staff are in Google Docs.

In the classroom environment, it makes more sense for teachers and students to sit on the same platform … it is painful for the teachers to write well and write a little late.

If you merely point or point to a section, your fingers are pretty – make sure that you really need a pencil before you repay all the money.

New iPad 2018 Review

But if the pen is worth it, if you want to be artistic, there are some great apps from Apple Pencil that you can change and change the color of the photos. Please enter the operation of photos and videos,

We painted a picture and drew a picture during the exam. You can do a lot of things without talent.

Multi-level pen printing makes sense. If somehow artistic, there are loads and burdens on various types of brushes, pencils and other workable drawing tools.

New iPad 2018 Review

Please note that you normally plug into the bottom of the iPad and load the pen … it does not look good.

A10 fusion chip
Impressive force
2 GB of RAM is included
We expected Apple to maintain the same 2017 A9 chipset and lower the price, but I got into the A10 Fusion chip that powers the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. A10X chip of the new iPad Pro series.

Because it has 2 GB of RAM, it is powerful for almost everything most users do with the new iPad, looking for e-mail, web browsing and videos reliably. ,

I noticed that decelerating with heavier applications, such as editing and opening multiple photos, did not take too much time and the rendering time was considerably longer.
New iPad 2018 Review

That is, if you are doing more severe work, Apple is iPad Pro 10.5, with extra processing power and twice the memory.

In our test, the new iPad (2018) returned the same benchmark score as iPad Pro 10.5. This indicates that there is no reason to spend money unless extra money is used on cheap iPad.

It may be difficult to understand why we added extra power here, but users stay on the iPad for a much longer time (much longer than the iPhone), and the more power they can smoothly function Continue to mean to continue. It keeps a long and scalable state.

It is unlikely that you will use honestly the majority of the power of the new iPad, but the results are incredibly fluid and the app can be easily opened and closed … you will keep it long It is long. It is not necessary to update promptly.

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