The best PDF editor in 2018

1. Foxit Phantom PDF

Compact and compact PDF documents rich in functions on almost all devices are the best way to share information. Unfortunately, it is quite another story.

You can edit basic documents using the appropriate PDF reader, perhaps highlight text, add new content (the list of best PDF readers will be in the right direction).

For word processors such as Microsoft Word, you can often import PDF files for easy editing. However, this does not apply to PDF output. Word needs to convert the PDF file to its own, more restricted internal format, so you can convert it after making changes. This not only restricts editing options, but all of these conversions can remove features from the document and change its appearance.

If you want to have complete control of the document, you do not have to understand the format and replace the special PDF editor which can edit the content directly, and you have complete access to all the functions provided by PDF.

A decent free editor may occasionally be sufficient for users, but if you are a prominent type, we recommend you first check the paid version selection. From document creation to conversion, OCR, editing, and security, these products offer many features. Most products offer unlimited free testing.

1. Foxit Phantom PDF
Create, edit, track the use of PDF

Full function set TechOCR Strong support of document management
Foxit is probably best known for free PDF reader on PC, but the company is creating high quality PDF editor with PhantomPDF.

Package creates PDF using tools that generate documents from Chrome, Firefox, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Visio by combining images, using the contents of the clipboard and printing the document .

A full-featured PDF reader contains all the features you expect. Polynomial navigation, page-to-page comparison, page navigation, bookmarked bookmarks and comments comments, maximum touch support are used.

That is the same story as a publisher. As you can imagine, PhantomPDF allows you to edit, annotate, change formats, edit and replace images, relocate pages, manage headers, footers, watermarks, and more. However, advanced features such as OCR for extracting text from images, custom actions for linking and bookmarking (opening files, playing sounds), and layer manipulation will continue to be used.

Foxit’s ConnectPDF technology is an excellent feature for business users. You can use tools to control access to documents (such as assigning your own document rights to individual readers), track document usage, and collaborate with users.

There are a lot more things in this package than here, but fortunately the Foxit website has a great table with the most detailed information.

Foxant PhantomPDF has three tastes: PhantomPDF Standard covers the base price with a unit price of $ 129. The PhantomPDF business offers everything we discussed here for $ 159. Version for students and educators is available for only $ 9.95 (£ 7.11) per year. Please check the trial to find out more.

2. Gaaiho PDF Suite 4
Gaaiho PDF Suite 4 is a collection of three standalone applications: Gaaiho Doc is an industrial PDF editor. Gaaiho PDF Converter creates PDF files directly from Office and other formats, Gaaiho PDF Driver generates almost everything you can print.

It sounds like a familiar mix, but there are more modules than you think. The conversion function not only imports a single Word or Excel document but also exports the corresponding PDF file. You can process multiple files in one conversion process, apply watermarks together or overlay them, embed fonts, customize security settings.

With OCR support in both transformation directions, you can also create editable and indexed PDF files from imported image documents, save image-based PDF files in searchable documents in a different format I will.

One of Gaaiho Doc’s functions is to convert PDF files into fully writable documents. Most editing operations are much easier and more straightforward than elsewhere.

Special extras include the ability to create new Gaaiho Doc books and strong support from Excel including multiple collaboration tools for multiple users to discuss and collaborate on documents on the same local network .

There is a remarkable catch. The default PDF driver can process up to 1000 pages or 100 files every 24 hours. This is a problem when working with large archives. (You can cancel the restriction by purchasing another product.)

Although this is not a problem, you can claim Gaaiho PDF Suite 4 at $ 5.40 per month and you can purchase trial version for 30 days without limit.

3. Nitropro
Various PDF pay attention to price

Tool to create advanced PDF files tool integrate cloud storage prices above average
Nitro Pro is a complete PDF management application that provides the necessary functionality in almost all areas.
This package has various methods for creating PDF documents. You can convert over 300 source formats to PDF, scan documents directly to PDF files, or combine existing multiple PDFs into one document. You can also create a searchable PDF from scanned images using OCR and convert email and attachments to PDF using the Outlook plugin.

With a simple Office style ribbon, you can easily access Nitro’s editing options. Add, edit, annotate, add a handwritten signature, apply a stamp, draw a shape, design and paste a form, add bookmarks, attach files, customize the document as necessary I can do it.

Security functions include searching and deleting words and phrases, deleting metadata, applying passwords, and signing documents with digital signatures.

With smart integration with Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, you can save documents regardless of where they were saved. Secure shared documents and visualization analysis make collaboration easier.

Nitro Pro is a combination of all the features, fully considering the premium features and ease of use. If there is a problem here is probably the price: £ 133.99 (188 dollars) per year license, it is considerably more expensive than most competitors.

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