The best mobile phone in 2018

Apple and Samsung fight for the best smartphone, Apple currently has the advantage of iPhone X. This 5.8-inch lighthouse requires a considerable premium for $ 999, but you have tested innovative features such as first-class camera Face ID. In addition, this flagship A11 Bionic processor (even on iPhone 8 and 8 Plus) will scan all Android phones.

If you prefer Android, the Galaxy S 9 + is an amazing 6.2 inch screen, a fast Snapdragon 845 processor, a large screen phone with improved camera that provides better images with low light and captures amazing slow motion video. (Standard Galaxy S9 is also good, but less RAM and batteries are needed, but there is no dual rear camera like S9 +.

Android Innocence and Photographers need to get the 6 inch Pixel 2 XL with the best camera features tested and press the Google Assistant to launch. Do you prefer a larger screen? Galaxy Note 8 is currently defeated by the 6.3 inch screen and a versatile S pen.

If you have a budget, please see Honor 7X. The $ 199 Android based mobile phone features high speed performance of 5.9 inches big screen, 2 cameras, and Kirin processor 659. Midrange phone is OnePlus 6, $ 529 offers 6.3 inch large OLED display, 845 high speed snap dragon 845 processor, 2 cameras for just $ 529.

Tom’s Guide scans dozens of new smartphones and evaluates them in the lab and the real world based on design, function, performance, camera quality, battery life. Please check the latest rumors about the best options of various categories of smartphones, newly-to-be-tested mobile phones to be tested soon, and mobile phones to be released in the future.

Smartphone news and rumors (May 2018)
OnePlus 6: The new Android OnePlus 6 comes with a 6.3 inch OLED display, a Snapdragon 845 processor, and 8 GB of RAM, but it can be hidden by setting. Other highlights include a new gesture interface and advanced dual cameras. It will be on sale on May 22.
LG G7 ThinQ: We got the opportunity to review the pre-production unit of LG G7 ThinQ. This phone has gained popularity. In particular, there are cameras equipped with AI and handling methods of low illuminance images. The boom box speaker beeps. However, the design remarkably made other cell phones remarkable, the G7 extended the battery life in the test. The price of this phone, which will be available via a specific telecommunications company from June 1, has yet to be announced.
HTC U12: OnePlus is not the only mobile phone maker that launched a cell phone in May with a calendar. HTC will hold an event on May 23 and introduce HTC U12. According to rumors, the new mobile phone is said to be equipped with two rear cameras and thin lenses. Please check the rumors of HTC U12.
Moto G 6: The latest affordable Motorola cell phone offers $ 249, including elegant front and rear glass design, 2 cameras, large 18: 9 5.7 inch display Snapdragon 845. The processor should be suitable for most tasks. Please see the impression of actual Moto G6.
iPhone SE 2: Apple has not touched the iPhone SE since its debut in 4 inch mobile in 2016, but it may soon change. The latest rumor is that there is a possibility that iPhone SE 2 will appear this month, there is a possibility to introduce a new glass that enables wireless charging.
Galaxy Note 9: Galaxy Note 9 can have 6.4 inch screen and 4000 mAh battery. There is more rumor in note 9.
Google Pixel 3: It is unlikely that it will be released by October, but rumors about Pixel 3 began to flow. Android P, possible iris scanner, perhaps three new models on line.
iPhone X2: Apple plans to develop three new iPhone X models this year, of which one can start with an inexpensive price of $ 850. Please note the latest rumors of the iPhone.

iPhone X is not only the best iPhone. That is the best phone, the period. In fact, it contains the most impressive OLED screen we tested and the fastest processor among the wonderful designs that are easy to use with one hand. iPhone X also has two best cameras available on the phone and a new TrueDepth front camera that allows all face IDs to unlock the camera with self-service in portrait mode.

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