Best 5 2018 Laptop: You can purchase this year

We have tested the latest model of the best brand to show the best laptop that suits your personal needs
Welcome to the list of best laptops you can purchase in 2018. Let’s find the best laptop thoroughly tested by the editor of TechRadar.

1. Apple MacBook 12 inch (2017)
This year’s MacBook is another winner
The release of this year’s MacBook is another Apple victory, and we were convinced of its beautiful design, superior performance, and better battery life. Apple has updated Intel’s 7th generation Kaby Lake series to processors. This means improving performance and extending battery life without sacrificing a sophisticated lightweight design where the MacBook is famous. The MacBook 2017 is not designed as a pure productivity machine like a more powerful and versatile MacBook Pro or a game machine like the Asus ROG Zephyrus GX 501, but it is one of the best laptops in the world. It is an ultra-thin, lightweight MacBook that you can carry anywhere without noticing your weight, and it is a powerful showcase of macOS High Sierra. If you are looking for a MacBook, this year’s model is one of the best.

1. Google Pixel Book
A high-quality Chromebook
Designed for users who want to avoid the complex nature of Windows PCs and Macs, Chromebooks have been very successful in terms of accessibility in recent years. Google Pixelbook is no exception. The average price of Chrome OS devices is twice that, not provided by stylus, but Pixelbook is designed for the future. It has a Thunderbolt 3 USB-C port for accessories and ultra-fast file transfer, a hinge to support movies in plain, and perhaps the best Android application. Even now the problem is solved, but you can access the entire Google Play Store from Pixelbook’s Sonic the Hedgehog to VLC videos. And with our battery test life of 7 hours 40 minutes in our own test, we can do it for a while without reloading. If you are looking for a cheap Chromebook, we recommend the Asus Chromebook Flip, which is located at the top of this page.

3. Lenovo Yoga 920
Another 2 in 1 notebook computer to pay attention to
The best laptop in 2017 was 2 to 1, Lenovo added the excellent Lenovo Yoga 920 to this list. It has a wonderfully refined design and its build quality is outstanding. With a 360 degree hinge, you can turn a laptop into a tablet device that literally makes it flexible. It is cheaper than Surface Book 2 and it is a wonderful device with many power supplies and battery pockets, even without offering the same quality in tablet mode. That is indeed a useful choice, one of the best laptops I saw this year.

4. Acer swift 3
A thrifty Ultrabook superior to the appearance
Price is powerful battery life is beautiful beautiful appearance Discovery Room
You may be convinced that ‘budget Ultrabook’ is a contradiction to that point, but Acer’s Swift 3 is upside down this common misunderstanding. This is because the company took in the aluminum of Acer Swift 7 into the chassis and packed the more affordable components so that everyone can enjoy it. Although it does not work on MacOS, Acer Swift 3 is ashamed of the old MacBook Air in all respects. Of course, Acer had to pay some sacrifice in the process of competition to keep the price very impressive. Even if you can not expect much on Ultra HD displays or high quality sounds, testing the performance alone will give the impression that the surface of the laptop will work for money.

We also examined the next 2018 issue of Swift 7 with CES 2018 with optimized graphics and processing specifications. If it starts in the second half of this year, it may become an anchor of the location of this list.

5. Samsung Note 9
InsaneSquishy keyboard saving battery with excellent performance
It does not have the best keyboard in the world, but Samsung Note 9 is still one of the best laptops you can buy in 2018. Because the power is higher than the MacBook Pro but the price is much lower, Samsung is designing a notebook computer with the same elements as the style. In addition, it’s lightweight and slim, making it one of the most portable 15-inch notebooks you can buy today.

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