2018 Top PDF Editor

1. PDF XChange Editor
Since most PDF publishers are targeting professional readers, they explain the bulky, complex and expensive reasons.

PDF XChange Editor is compact, fast and has abundant functions, free to use many basic tools, high-end PDF XChange Editor Pro license is only 54.50 dollars (39 pounds), less than half of company competition The price,

This does not mean that the package is powered on. Allows you to edit and convert content, replace or recompile images, annotate text, apply standard stamps, create new stamps, manipulate watermarks, create and manage bookmarks, customize forms, customize security settings, etc. is.

If you’ve tested the best PDF loading features, you can see that this is possible with standard players, but PDF – XChange Editor has many more features. You can make the document interactive by creating a form that optionally calculates or checking the value or adding custom JavaScript code to specific content.

In addition to adding watermarks, you can also remove watermarks in packages. With the OCR engine, you can easily identify, search and select text in image-based PDFs.

This series of functions means that it takes some time to find the package. If you use the premium feature with the free version, you will be notified that the final document contains a watermark. However, it is hard to get bored. Most commercial PDF publishers do not offer a free version.PDF-XChange Editor offers many features at a very reasonable price. ,

Second season PDF

Online and Desktop Publishing Broad Payment Options Relatively Simple Features
Sejda PDF is an interesting service that provides both online PDF editor and desktop software, each available in a limited and free commercial version.
The package covers the basics of editing, but there is no depth of competition. For example, Sejda PDF can fill out a form, but it can not be expanded by dynamic calculation or validation of PDF XChange. You can not create a new form.

What Sejda offers is a series of document level PDF manipulation tools. You can merge, sort, merge, split files, trim and trim files, apply watermarks, add headers and footers, add bates to multiple documents at the same time. You can open the file from your device, or import it directly from Dropbox or Google Drive.

The Sejda price option offer is another highlight. Why do not you try it? Three free tasks can be executed per day with several size limits (maximum 200 pages, maximum file size 50 MB). If you need very little service, you can purchase a 7 day subscription from $ 5 (£ 3.57). Sejda’s web and desktop access costs $ 5.25 ($ 3.75), and there are unlimited licenses and team discounts.

The fact that the function is limited implies that Sejda PDF does not suit anyone, but the service works well. If you can use both online publisher and office, it may be worth a visit.

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